Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development.

About the Course

PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a "recursive acronym."

Duration: 45 Days

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What you will Learn?


Module 1 (Front-End Development):

The purpose of the front-end code is to interact with user, as well as present the data in a
well-defined style and matter. These Module include the following technologies:


 HTML Programming

  • Introduction to HTML.

  • Using Html tags :

               Child Tags of Head tag
               Child Tags of Body tag
               Basic tags
               Formatting tags
               Marquee tag

  • Html List, Links, Images, Tables.

  • Html Audio/Video

  • Html GUI components (Html Forms) like Button, input fields etc.


CSS Programming

  • Introduction to CSS.

  • Need of CSS.

  • CSS Syntax, CSS Types.

  • CSS Selectors.

  • Using CSS properties with :

                   CSS Units and CSS background property.

                   Text/Font, List. Links, List, Images, Tables.


Java Script (Client Side Scripting)

  • Introduction to java script.

  • Need of Java script.

  •  Java script Syntax, JS Types.

  • JS Data types & variables.

  • JS Dialog Boxes

  •  JS conditional statement / iterative statements.

  • Arrays and methods.

  • JS function.

  • JS Date & String.

  • DOM Programming

  • Form Validation - JS


Module 2 (Back-End Development):

             The back-end development is a part of the application that is never visible to the user. It  is built with use of server-side language and database.

           These Module include the following technologies:


Server Side Scripting Language – PHP

  • Introduction to Wed Application.

  • Need of Server Side Scripting Language.

  • Introduction to PHP.

  • First PHP Program (Directory Structure / Execution)

  • Echo v/s print

  • Date types, variable & operator.

  •  Conditional Statements & Iterative Statement (Loops)

  • Arrays & String

  • functions

  • Handling Get & Post Requests

               Advance PHP

                           Php- File Handling
                          Session Tracking & Cookies in Php
                          Error /Exception Handling.
                          Email Sending / File Upload.


Php – MySQL ( DB Connectivity )

  • Introduction to My SQL DB

  • MySQL Connectivity using Php.

  • DDL Commands - Create, Alter, Drop Table.

  •  DML Commands – Insert, Update, Delete.

  • Retrieving Record from Database.

  • MySQL – Prepared Statement

  •  My-SQL – Stored Procedure & function


IDE - Dream Viewer (Tools used for development)