ANSYS is a powerful and flexible general-purpose computational fluid dynamics software package used to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications.

About the Course

ANSYS is a software package that lets you digitally model real world phenomena. It uses computer-based numerical techniques to solve physics problems. The range of problems ANSYS can solve is immense and could be anything from fluid flow, heat transfer, stress analysis and more.

Duration: 30 Days

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What you will Learn?



1. Difference in Analysis of modeling
2. Ansys lists basic procedure/ Advantages & Limitations
3. Types of Analysis/ Classification of materials

APDL Workbench

4. Beam analysis
5. Analysis of bars section
6. Bars section with different loads & conditions
7. Analysis of composite structure
8. STRESS concentration
9. Modal analysis
10. Harmonic analysis
11. Thermal transient



12. Modeling in ANSYS WORKBENCH
13. Modal Analysis
14. Steady state thermal analysis
15. Steady state thermal with catia geometry
16. Static structural
17. Linear buckling
18. Transient structural
19. Transient Thermal
20. Truss Analysis