Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application is a commercial CAD software used for physical modelling in various industries including Mechanical and Aerospace

About the Course

Catia is a three dimensional modeling tool. This tool is used in the design of various objects such as vehicles, buildings, components, etc. It is similar in use to Autocad,  It basically replaced the multitude of engineers/drafters that used to design while hunched over their respective drawings on a drawing board.

Duration: 45 Days

Know More


  To learn CATIA one should only require the basics of engineering graphics

  What you’ll learn?

  Module 1: Introduction to CATIA V5: -

  • Workbenches Discussion
  • Toolbars Discussion
  • Specification Tree Discussion
  • Compass Discussion
  • Mouse Usage Discussion
  • File Operations Discussion

Module 2: Part Design: -

  • Definition of part design workbench
  • Entering in the sketching environment
  • Fundamental of 2d workbench toolbar such as profile, operation and constraint toolbar
  • Create and editing geometry
  • Features fundamental of part design (convert 2d geometry to solid model)
  • Understanding sketch-based feature toolbar
  • Understanding dress-up feature toolbar
  • Transformation and surface-based feature
  • Boolen operation and many more...

Module 3: Assembly workbench: -

  • Inserting component in assembly design workbench
  • Uses of compass
  • Apply constraints
  • Uses of update tools
  • Understanding the function of reuse pattern

Module 4: DMU Kinematics workbench: -

  • Basic concept of simulation.
  • Understanding the various joints such as revolute, prismatic, cylindrical, universal, roll
  • curve, Rigid joint, planner, gear joint, rack and pinion and screw joint.
  • Simulation of any mechanism
  • Graphical properties of any mechanism
  • Making animation

Module 5: Assignment project based on DMU :-

  • Slider crank mechanism
  • Ball bearing mechanism concept
  • Rack and pinion combination
  • Function of universal joint
  • Piston cylinder arrangement

Module 6: Sheet Metal workbench: -

  • Understanding sheet metal parameter
  • Walls toolbar
  • Cutting and stamping toolbar
  • Roll walled toolbar

Module 7: Surface modeling: -

  • Basic concept of surface modeling
  • Surfaces toolbar-extrude, revolve, sweep, fill etc.
  • Operation toolbar-join, explicit, boundary, extrapolate, etc.
  • Wireframe toolbar

Module 8: Drafting workbench: -

  • Catia drafting interface
  • Menu bar selection, creating and editing
  • Entities and symbols
  • Annotating geometry
  • Dimensioning
  • Raster image
  • Generating BOM and balloons in assembly
  • Generative and interactive drafting of any solid model
  • Exercise like as industry workshop drafting sheet

Module 9: Analysis in CATIA

Module 10: Ergonomics and photo studio