Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Tonar System’s Email Marketing Course, will introduce attendees to the world of Email Marketing, which Marketers can use to strategize, create, execute and monitor Email Marketing campaigns successfully. The course will cover different nuances of Email Marketing and how it can be used for meeting your marketing objectives. The course will also cover templates and tools (both free and paid) helpful for developing email campaigns. Also we will focus on a case study based approach to drive key le

Why Learn Email Marketing? In the age of consumer engagement with Social Media, Mobile Marketing; Email still provides the best ROI for marketers. As consumer behavior has changed from various social platforms to new devices etc, one thing that remains the same is the reliability of email as a way to reach someone. Hence it is very important for students, marketers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, faculties etc. to master Email Marketing.

Who should go for this Course? This course immediately benefits professionals who wish to maximize their returns from Email Marketing. Ideal for anyone working in marketing or business who wants to learn/master the trade of Email Marketing and confidently execute email campaigns.

Course Objectives After the completion of the Email Marketing course at Tonar Systems, you will be able to: 1. Understand the importance of email in your marketing mix. 2. Understand the key components of an Email Marketing plan: - Planning - Setting realistic objectives - Content creation - Deliverability - Measurability - Testing. 3. Define your Email Marketing goals clearly. 4. Describe the Spam laws and minimize complaints. 5. Understand Email Service Providers. 6. Determ

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Course Duration

30 Days

Course Price

Price : 12000 Rs.